Bathroom ambience

“Nature” Collection

The beauty of nature in your home.
Let yourself be carried away into a magical, mysterious world with this nature-inspired design.

The delicate curves and the soft colours are all designed to feed your imagination.

“Camargue” Collection

Naturalness is a very important current trend in the field of interior decorating. The elegance and fine decoration of this collection will make your bathroom a haven of peace.

 “1900” Collection

If you like the retro style, you will love this collection and its matching accessories which will bring a whole new timeless look to your bathroom.

 “Diamant” Collection

Classy and sparkling, a truly prestigious cocktail !

“Dauphin” Collection

A washbasin at their level, a dolphin jumping in the waves with a ball on its nose – Your children will be ecstatic and will love their bathroom !

“Venus” Collection

Create your own unique space !
The colours will fill your bathroom with joy and energy, the stars will shine in your own universe and fill the room with a soft atmosphere.

“Cheverny” collection

A romantic, luxurious feeling atmosphere, which will give your home even more character and will welcome you each morning with its soft, enchanting curves.

“Sleeping Wood” Collection

Brings outs the savage strength of nature which will carry you to the peaceful place where Sleeping Beauty lies…

“Riviera” Collection

A feminine and masculine version exists where charm and beauty come together.

Enjoy a lifestyle “à la française” with these modern and timeless pieces, decorated in a multitude of choices.

“Moustiers” Collection

This delicate decor has been fashionable for many centuries. It will give your bathroom a look of former days with its elegance and fine lines.

“Saturne” Collection

Put a sparkle in your eyes !
The Saturne Collection will give your bathroom a warm, original feeling and is available in an infinite range of colours.

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