Decor “Field Flowers”

A bright summer’s day will spring to mind each time you enter your bathroom…

“Country” decor

A calssically timeless but at the same time modern design which will bring a whiff of summer to your bathroom !

1900 Decor

This classic retro look with its curving blue lines, will add a touch of class to your bathroom.

“Children” Decor

“Egyptian” Decor

“Personalized” decor

Our personlized decors give you complete freedom to decorate your home any way you wish. And everything is hand painted.

“Fleur de Lys” Decor

Another of our timeless designs that will definitely resonate with you and your home.

“Caraïbes” Decor

A beautiful intricate design suited to all our units, the colours will delight you for ever !

“Moustier” Decor

The MOUSTIER design can be found where blue blood flows..
This extremely sophisticated and stately design is available in three different colour themes (blue, violet/pink, yellow/blue) and will quite simply fit in with your home like a rediscovered vintage treasure !

“Marine” Decor

“Clovis” Decor

Small washbasin with a medieval decor, hand painted. It will brighten up your bathroom.

“Harmony” Decor

An elegant, fresh design, like a soothing breeze…

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