Poulx Freestanding Vanity Unit

Optimise the space in your bathroom with this freestanding vanity unit which is not only beautiful with a feminine touch, but is also extremely practical. Your bathroom will take on the artistic and elegant look of past times.

“Camargue” Collection

Naturalness is a very important current trend in the field of interior decorating. The elegance and fine decoration of this collection will make your bathroom a haven of peace.

Vanity unit

This vanity unit which has a drop-in washbasin is both practical and attractive. Made from a large choice of wood and hand decorated to your taste, it will add a romantic and refined touch to your bathroom.

“Riviera” Collection

A feminine and masculine version exists where charm and beauty come together.

Enjoy a lifestyle “à la française” with these modern and timeless pieces, decorated in a multitude of choices.

“Cheverny” collection

A romantic, luxurious feeling atmosphere, which will give your home even more character and will welcome you each morning with its soft, enchanting curves.

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