“Butterfly” washbasin


“Pop” washbasin

“Harmony” Washbasin

A small wash basin designed with flowing and harmonious curves and decorated with a delicate border of flowers.

“1900” Washbasin

This classic retro look washbasin with its curving blue lines, will add a touch of class to your bathroom.

“Clovis” Washbasin

Small basin with mid-age decor, entirely decorated by hand, which has gone through the ages to revive your interior.

“Nougaro” washbasin


Round washbasin

This round countertop basin will be the key feature in your bathroom and placing it on a sculpted wooden stand will add a natural and warm feeling to the room.

“Fleur de Lys” Washbasin

A large wash basin for a bright and cheerful atmosphere !

“Miro” Washbasin

A contemporary shape, a surrealist design, this basin will add a touch of originality to your bathroom.


“Charly” hand wash

Hands wash “Fleur de Lys”

Unique and classically timeless, a scent of days of old….

Hands wash “Romance”

The soft and original lines of this collection can’t help but make you feel like «Romance» is in the air.

Hands wash “Storm”

The force of a summer storm on a field of delicate summer flowers, wild and breathtaking.

Hand washing “Dreaming”

Just looking at this freestanding vanity unit will carry you off into your imagination and brighten up your day.

Washing hands “Sleeping wood”

This hand sink will look just perfect placed on a natural-looking wooden plank, this will bring out all its beauty.